stationers certificate of innovation office power

Office Power presented with Stationers certificate of innovation

26 June 2019: Office Power has been presented with the Stationers’ Certificate of Innovation for the technological enhancements made to its Customer Relationship Management Platform over the past year. Office Power has previously received the certificate for its dynamic pricing tools.

Office Power’s CRM platform has been recognised for its innovative features in previous years, but the most recent functionalities have revolutionised the way in which dealers can target high-value customers. The CRM Filter and Alert Functionalities enable office supplies dealers to prioritise and prospect more effectively within their customer base, improve margins and grow their businesses. CTO Mark Gibbard explains “Office Power’s new CRM tool is the innovative integration of data science and intuitive technology. We have been able to predict to impressive accuracy whether a customer will be ‘high-value’ at the time of their first order, and then automate this prediction to enable our Dealer Partners to act quickly on this valuable customer insight.  Our new CRM functionalities also employ bespoke clustering and behavioural algorithms to alert Dealer Partners to other customer signals and provide advanced filters, enabling them to more efficiently manage and grow large customer bases.”

Simon Drakeford, CEO of Office Power said: “We are delighted to have been presented with this certificate, which recognises the innovative technical developments we have made over the past year. The technology and platform that we offer our dealer partners evolves constantly, and innovative thinking is key to ensuring its success. It is highly important that we provide our dealer partners with the cutting-edge tools to achieve growth in the market. Being presented with this prestigious certificate confirms that we are producing the best quality technology possible to help our dealer partners thrive. It also commends the hard work put in by all team members who have played a part in developing it.”

About Office Power:

Office Power is an easy to use technology platform combined with a dedicated support team designed to give dealers more confidence and control to make their businesses stronger. Dealers can run their entire business from the Office Power platform, while monitoring activities in real-time and getting valuable insight that helps them drive their business forward. The trading experience and scale of the Office Power team enables dealers to make their business financially stronger, whilst making their brand stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

About The Stationers’ Company:

The Stationers’ Company is the City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content industries. The Company’s mission is to be the most effective independent forum in the UK Communications and Content industries, actively contributing to the strategic development, success and education of these industries. The majority of our members work in or supply the paper, print, publishing, packaging, office products, newspaper, broadcasting and online media industries.

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