We’re always evolving. To continue providing the most advanced technology solutions in our sector, we encourage innovation at all levels and always look for new ideas. We encourage employees to share ideas and unlock their creative capacities. We work together with our partners to identify opportunities for innovation. Because all our technology is built in-house, we have the flexibility to continuously bring those ideas to life.


Technology at the EO Group is far more than it appears on the surface. We have built our own custom e-commerce platform, which is specialised for the office supplies industry. We have built it completely from scratch and we’re very proud of it.

The platform is Microsoft focussed, with a few exceptions, and currently supports over 50 businesses, which means we support and develop 100 web applications in total. These are a combination of customer websites and client admin systems. With our business growing exponentially, this number also continues to grow.
All applications run on highly redundant state-of-the-art infrastructure. While building our platform we have pushed the boundaries of our tech stack, developing our own integrations and extensions. We are currently in the process of giving some of this to the open source community.

In Technology we work with emergent design principles, continually refactoring, updating and enhancing our platform using Agile techniques you’ll see in Lean Start Up, Kanban, Scrum and SAFe. We move incredibly fast, running several projects at once and deploying code multiple times a week. To achieve this in a controlled environment we are fostering a DevOps culture and use automation wherever possible: in development, testing and deployment.
The team are great, based across the UK and Europe. All-in-all it is a place where you’ll be given responsibility and opportunity to grow in a fun and fast-paced environment, where team spirit is high and Friday beers are a must.


A Full UX Re-design

Allowing all companies on the platform to trade on any device with customer experience always at the forefront.

Item Multi-sourcing Functionality

Enabling products to be sourced from multiple suppliers and makes switching items between suppliers easy.

Dynamic Pricing Tools

Enabling users to set target margins for products, promotions, customer segments and special individual customer prices.

Bespoke CRM Tools

Enabling users to identify when customer behaviour or purchasing patterns change, so they can target them with relevant marketing and sales campaigns. Providing users with the ability to benchmark customer performance against the industry averages.