Company History

Office Power keeps on shining


Office Power keeps being noticed for our innovation and superior technology, collecting ECMOD awards for the best exploitation of technology and overall contribution to the office supplies industry, as well as The Stationers’ Company Excellence Warrant and Innovation Certificate.

From Apple to Cherry


John Browett, a former Global VP of Apple Retail, joins the EO Group board to assist with further expansion.

When two become one


Euroffice acquired a leading independent office supplies dealer Eurostat. By combining Euroffice’s effective operational process, market leading systems and online customer acquisition model with the highly proactive Eurostat customer retention model, the Euroffice and Eurostat merger has quickly enabled a dynamic highly efficient multichannel sales engine that maximises customer growth and profit. The merger is successfully completed in a record time of 6 motnhs.

Dynamic Pricing tools are built


Dynamic Pricing Tools were built to allow us to automatically adjust prices. The tool is widely used by Office Power’s dealer partners who don’t need to adjust prices manually anymore and can protect their margins.

The winner takes it all


Dynamic Pricing Tools get shortlisted for the National Technology Awards in the Tech Company of the Year nomination. On top of that, Office Power’s CRM tools and overall solution gets noticed and wins two ECMOD Direct Commrece Awards, BOSS Industry Award and gets awarded a prestigious Stationers’ Company Award for Excellence.

Launching our own CRM tools


We launch our own CRM and marketing tools that will allow dealers to build data-driven, predictive, automated contact strategies and marketing campaigns.

Mobile first


All our websites, including our dealer partners’ move to a fully mobile optimised solution. After almost 12 months of testing, development and UX re-design, the project is a success, offering our and our dealer customers a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

Office Power gets all the attention


As Office Power keeps growing at an exponential rate, it scoops BOSS Industry Awards, Spicers Brilliant Partner Award and two ECMOD Direct Commerce Awards.

Euroffice goes digital


We stop using printed catalogues for the first time ever, shocking the industry with our bold move. However, our customers don’t want to browse big outdated catalogues anymore and prefer an easy-to use sleek website, which we happily provide. Our sales keep growing and to everyone’s surprise printed catalogue becomes history.

Simon named a professional of the year


EOPA Awards name Simon Drakeford a Professional of the Year, following the launch of Office Power in the previous year.

First Office Power dealer


First dealer is signed onto the Office Power platform to test it out and make sure it works as well as we thought it would. Working closely with the dealer helped us iron out the initial processes and system bugs as well as make future development plans.

Office Power is born


As our technology evolves beyond all expectations, Simon and the management team spot a gap in the market. There are numerous office supplies dealers in the UK who have strong local presence but lag in terms of technology and online presence. We decide to partner with them by giving them access to our superior technology and building them their own branded website. This gives dealers the ability to serve their customers more effectively whilst EO Group expands further. Office Power is born.

UK Office Direct acquisition


Euroffice acquired UK Office Direct. This enables Euroffice to tap into a more price-conscious customer segment, increasing EO Group’s market share in the UK.

We move to Dome House


EO Group moves to Dome House. A fantastic building that was formerly a synagogue was transformed to house the EO Group family.

Darwin Private Equity backs EO Group


Darwin, an independent private equity firm, invests in Euroffice to enable further growth and fund some of our new and exciting projects.

Buongiorno Italia!


Euroffice begins its European expansion as we enter the Italian market. is launched with a regional office in Milan.

We’re always evolving


After building our own system we didn’t stop. Every shopping experience the team had outside the office was discussed and new ideas for system development implemented. Innovation and ability to always evolve was important to us from the very beginning.

Online query system introduced


To provide our customers, suppliers and staff more visibility on communications between all parties we have decided to launch our own Online Query System. It allows for everyone to see all communications in one place, ensuring full visibility and improving order processing.

New system is launched


To begin with, Euroffice was using a 3rd party admin and ordering system, but we quickly realised how limited it was. That’s when we decided to build our own. We have built our own system which allowed us to be more flexible, integrate with any suppliers we wanted and start creating a great shopping experience for our customers.

Simon Drakeford appointed CEO


Simon Drakeford is appointed CEO. Coming from the telecoms industry with a strong entrepreneurial background, Simon was perfectly placed to shake things up a little at Euroffice.

Online tracking is launched


We were the first in the office products industry to launch online tracking. Due to a strong relationship with one of our wholesalers, we tested and launched that functionality with them, giving us exclusivity and ability to be the first office supplies company to offer this functionality to customers.

More awards


Euroffice wins again and again, collecting awards for outstanding customer service, dealer of the year and dealer excellence.

Euroffice is listed on top 100 fastest growing tech companies


Euroffice gets listed on the Sunday Times Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Tech Companies, as well as scooping Spicers and EOPA awards.

First win


Euroffice scoops its first BOSS Industry Award in Dealer Excellence nomination.

Location, location, location…


Our first office was based in Putney, we then moved to Vauxhall and finally to the Dome House, where the head office is still located today.

Euroffice is founded


Our founders George, Anthony and Christian had a call centre business that worked with businesses around the UK. Their sales team was continuously asked if they could also supply office stationery along with the other services they provided. This helped them identify the need for an online office supplies company and that’s how it all began.