Alina Fisher

Group Head of Marketing

There is never a dull date at EO Group. We are disruptive. We are innovative. We are tech and data geeks.

“I joined EO Group at the early stages of the conception of Office Power as a Senior Marketing Manager, progressing to Group Marketing Manager and now Group Head of Marketing. My previous experience was in other industries and what surprised me the most when I joined EO Group was how dynamic and forward-thinking the company was, especially in a traditional sector like office supplies.

The technology that we’ve built at Office Power is truly groundbreaking and has positively disrupted the office supplies sector. It has so much potential too, it’s really exciting to be a part of the company like this.

We provide business supplies businesses with high-calibre technology that enables them to compete with online giants out there in the industry, while on a local level continue to leverage valuable relationships with their customers. 

We were the first in the market to build a solution like this and it’s been fantastic to be part of its success story. For me personally, it has been an incredibly exciting journey. When I joined the company we didn’t have a marketing department and only had a handful of dealer partners. Now Office Power is they key part of the group business, with teams continuously expanding across the board to keep up with the growth rate.”