Gintare Dabasinskaite

Head of Commercial Finance

There are a lot of very, and I mean, VERY intelligent people at EO Group and you learn from them every single day.

I joined EO Group as Head of Commercial Finance nearly 2 years ago and it’s been quite a journey. When I started my job here, I was still doing my MBA. So personally, I’m ecstatic about the fact that I have managed to build a strong and efficient team, build relationships across the business and successfully complete my MBA all at the same time!

The first thing I noticed about EO Group when I started working here was that there are a lot of very, and I mean, VERY intelligent people. It’s fantastic to be surrounded by people like that. You learn from them every single day and it enables you to push your own boundaries and grow as a professional.

I love working here. Every day is different because you always work with multiple departments and on multiple different projects at the same time. Here you truly have the opportunity to impact the business, change how things are done and see the results of your work. I also love my “kids”, also knows as my team, they’re just the best.

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