Colin Streeter

Head of Trading at Office Power

I love that what we do is helping other businesses to thrive, it’s very rewarding when what you do has a positive impact on others.

“ I joined EO Group in 2014 just as the Office Power concept was born and have been with the company ever since. My team works closely with our dealer partners to help grow their profitability through not only our technology, but a reliable support service. We’re enabling dealers to grow, acquire new customers, maximise customer spend, manage pricing and margin, execute marketing and merchandising initiatives and become more profitable as a result. It’s been really exciting for me to watch Office Power grow from a small start-up that no one knew about, to an instantly recognisable brand name in the industry that paved the way for innovative technology in our traditional sector.

When I hear comments from our partners like “I can take a two week holiday for the first time in 15 years” or “I am able to spend more time with my customers and we are growing” – that’s what’s the most rewarding about this job for me!”

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